The Launch of My Lifetime.

"You're out of your mind! You're respected and valued. You continue to be deeply vested and truly care about your colleagues and company...why leave 'the family'? Why take the chance? Play it safe," said the LSB (Left Side of Brain). "Dreams are for the young. There's no safety net, buddy."

RSB (Right Side of Brain) would have none of this logical gibberish. "BLC...when have you ever played it safe? You're not the type of guy that runs away from anything.  As a matter of fact, you're always running TO a new adventure. With change, comes opportunity. Conquer your fears...Remember the quote? DREAM! And...Listen to your mother."

Wow...I'd forgotten about the sanctity of "the quote." And of course, mom is always right.

Flashback to when I had a bigger nose and FULL head of hair...

Thirty plus years ago while a freshman undergrad at Hofstra University, I hung out with a diversity of "froshmates," that were sampling their way into new social circles. For most of us, it was the first time living away from home---far away from mom's cooking and our exclusive cliques of childhood friends. From jocks to frats, to brainiacs, and a long list of student activities, I totally immersed myself in the college experience. One Thursday afternoon (aka, "Party Thursday"), I "crash landed" in a dorm room with a group of deliciously hilarious wannabe thespians.

While I don't recall if it was the highly intellectual conversations or some other mindless distractions, my focus turned towards a Time magazine page posted on my fellow frosh's wall. I immediately scribbled down a quote published near the close of an article. As this priceless quote was loosely translated from some quasi-famous Slovak / Russian proverb, I painstakingly transcribed it for a place of honor on my very own dorm room wall. This same piece of coveted artwork continues to travel with me and has adorned various dorm, apartment, house and office walls as to inspire, motivate, and take action. To this day, the original tac mark demarcations are clearly apparent, although the once bright white paper is now a yellow, fragile parchment. Simple in its brevity. Powerful in its meaning. A Challenge only a few us are willing or able to conquer. --- "It may be insane to live a dream, but it's madness to live without one."

Fast forward to 2016...

The full head of hair is but a memory. Although there is no safety net, Facebook has indeed rekindled a tightly knit web of college friends and fraternal bonds. A few of those wannabe thespians have hit the boards of Broadway and beyond, whereas others have found their joy in other endeavors. Unfortunately, I've been without mom's cooking for over eighteen years, yet I continue to smile when reflecting on her wit, and rely on one of her many tidbits of wisdom: "Be Happy."

Most importantly I am not leaving my cherished past behind, but pursuing a new wonderful that will include a best-in-class, veteran troupe of communications, marketing, branding and event professions. I'm blessed to know that "my family," is there to support me on this next, exciting adventure. I know we will continue to collaborate and celebrate for many years to come.

No doubt, Launch Communications will be a challenging journey, but one that I'm motivated and determined to undertake. As a corporate MarComm guy for several decades, I now have the opportunity to deliver the types of services---and service--clients like myself only DREAM to experience.