The brand is the realization of a promise that is made by your organization to your customers, the community, and marketplace. From the first handshake or email, to your  brochure, news release, trade show booth,  or website, each should differentiate the image and “the promise,” you make to create, maintain and enhance customer value.

At Launch, we know that it’s all about your brand. We work to ensure your promise is upheld to the highest standards by providing strategic and innovative branding, marketing and communications that differentiate, delight, and deliver positive, memorable, and measurable results.

Thought Leadership. Brand Elevation.

  • Strategic and Creative Platform. Through consultation with your team and key stakeholders, we provide a focused, comprehensive plan that meets your requirements, elicits voice of customer, and meets your budget.

  • Customer Value Creation - Brand Differentiation. As part of Launch planning and deployment, we test, track, evaluate and as necessary adjust implementation to continually ensure your brand is highly differentiated from the competition.

  • Voice of Customer (VOC). Your brand must be understandable and believable, but most importantly true and relevant. It’s more than marketing hype. It’s your promise and our pledge to make your organization shine.

  • Customer Mindshare and Engagement. We elevate your brand to key decision makers and stakeholders. From trademark naming and strategy to launch and monitoring, we tirelessly advocate and offer tactics to gain and increase the number of exposures and frequencies of your value proposition to targeted editorial and paid media.