Collateral? Not Launch Literature.

Given the time and thought you place on generating documentation to support your company’s product or service, literature takes no back seat to the fancy, smancy digital world. It may not have the dynamics of digital, however, the “deep dive” contents contained in brochures, case studies and selection guides (to name a few) continue to be highly coveted by both customers and prospects. Literature is equally used as strategic follow-up by sales and marketing teams to reinforce site visits and showcase technical and applications expertise. And…news alert….that “collateral” (ouch!), is often re-purposed for other editorial and promotional purposes.

Literature is a critical organ for providing compelling data to support and validate the value propositions briefly stated in a trade show graphic, advertisement, video or social media posting. At Launch, we make sure literature is composed in a tone that conveys your organization’s vision with the text and images that “speak the voice,” of the targeted readership. Launch Literature serves as a powerful part of an integrated program or a singular objective.

Launch Literature

  • Brochures: Corporate, Technology, Service
  • Selection Guides
  • Sell Sheets
  • Case Studies, White Papers
  • Operation Manuals
  • News Releases
  • Print Advertisements
  • Biographies
  • Internal Product Launch Packages
  • And, more!