Launch Award-Winning Events

From Malaga, Indonesia and Hong Kong to Puerto Vallarta, Phoenix, Carlsbad and Longboat Key, Launch is the trusted and award-winning source for event and conferences that are memorable and motivational, while focused on meeting your business objectives.

Let Launch orchestrate your next sales conference, executive staff meeting, customer VIP seminar or trade show participation. From program development, site selection, contract negotiation,  to recreational, VIP receptions, staging, hotel accommodations, and booth design, leave all the details ---and the stress--- to Launch.

Our team of extremely motivated and skilled negotiators will ensure high impact, best value results for your next event. Having served on a long list of exhibitor advisory councils for major, international trade expositions, we know what it takes to stand above and beyond your competition. Working with a talented and enthusiastic network of creative design, booth construction, show service, premium incentive and hospitality firms, Launch will make your next event a blast!

Key functions include, but are not limited to  site review and negotiation, graphic design, shipping, hospitality, team building, show services, survival kits, hotel accommodations, opening video, VIP events. Award-winning event results, include: