Okay, if you insist. We’ll go first…

Launch Communications, LLC has been the lifetime aspiration of President & Managing Director, Barry Lee Cohen, anointed “BLC” by his band of friends and collaborators. Each has experienced what one of his colleagues has dubbed, “an unusualist with the vision to see the big picture and yet still have an eye focused on the important detail.”

Raised in Connecticut and New York, BLC has traveled the globe partnering with leading, international B2B corporations, as well as non-profit industry and civic organizations in his prior role as Global Director of Marketing / Communications for an advanced technology company. Known for his dedication and commitment to excellence, BLC draws upon his three decades of “roll up the sleeves,” expertise, while also tapping a network of the industry’s best marketing, branding and communications professionals to deliver launches that delight and deliver results.


But really…It’s about you.

Launch is much more than a communications company. It embodies our pledge to provide the same high standards of excellence and care to every project.  Should you desire a single news release or a comprehensive campaign launch, we know it’s all about your brand, your mission, your customers --- and your bottom line.  Your program is our passion and privilege. High performance is not an expectation, but the requirement. We Are Your Launch.